Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine學報於2017年出版36篇論文及143篇會議摘要集,現時於替代醫學與傳統醫學領域SCI學術期刊排行榜排名第9位,亦是少有被SCI收錄的中醫藥期刊。

A total of 36 manuscripts and 143 pieces of conference abstracts were published in Chinese Medicine in 2017. The Journal currently ranks ninth in the field of Alternative and Complementary Medicine journals and is one of the few SCI indexed journals about Chinese medicine.

Facing different opportunities and challenges, the Journal shows active response to the renovating opinions from scholars, authors and readers, which inspired and triggered the revolutionary change of the Editorial department as well as publishing policy.Prof. Yitao Wang, the Secretary of ISCM, is the current Editor- in- Chief. Six other outstanding scholars from Europe, America and Asia are serving as Associate Editors. We also invited over twenty domestic and overseas experts as our Senior Advisory board members and another twenty senior researchers as the members of Editorial Board, including those from National Academy of Engineering (USA) and Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The new Editorial team is striving to define our scope more clearly, and strengthen the connection with our reviewers from around the world. The exchange of ideas among editors, reviewers and readers is increasing, so is the influence our Journal in Chinese Medicine as well as in science in general.