Chinese Medicine


2006年 Chinese Medicine 學報設立,秘書長楊顯榮教授任主編,由英國BioMed Central公司出版

2013年 學報被SCI-E收錄,梁少偉博士任編輯部主任

2016年 王一濤教授任主編,成立新編輯部,王春明博士任編輯部主任

2004: ISCM was founded under the sponsorship of Macao Foundation. Dr Daniel Chi-Wai Tse took up the position of President.

2005: Chinese Medicine was launched and published in BioMed Central. Prof Yeung Hin Wing, the ex- Secretary of ISCM, was appointed as the Editor- in- Chief.

2013: The Journal was indexed by SCI-E. Dr Siu Wai Leung was appointed as the Deputy Editor.

2016: Prof Yitao Wang as our newly appointed Editor- in- Chief, together with DrChunming Wang, the new Deputy Editor, continue to lead the advancement of the editorial department.